‘It’ scares again 27 years later

Reid Bonifas, Sports Editor

The remake of Stephen King’s book called “It” has dropped in the theaters. The movie is based on Pennywise the killer clown that comes out every 27 years.

The fact this movie came out this year is ironic because the original make of the movie came out exactly 27 years ago, and every 27 years “it” comes out. The movie became the top horror movie at the box office of all time surpassing The Exorcist.

“I thought it rocked,” senior Riley Zuzga said, “It had a great plot, creative characters, and brought Stephen Kings book to life.”

The clown preys on the kids of Derry a town in Maine. The clown shape shifts into the children’s worst fears to easily capture them. Seven children band together to stop the clown from bringing chaos to their small town.

“It was scary and also had some very funny moments in the movie,”  senior Stone Tanner said when asked about his thoughts on the movie.

The movie has done very well in the theaters bringing in a total of 123 million dollars in the first weekend. It also got a 87% approval rating on rotten tomatoes a movie and TV show critic website.

“The movie was very good,” senior Tyler Siluk said, “it had a really interesting story line and I would definitely recommend seeing the movie.”