Students sharpen up for homecoming

The scramble for the perfect homecoming look is just beginning.


The 2016 Homecoming Court poses for a picture.

Madalyn Dishman, Managing Editor

As homecoming is quickly approaching, the rush for the perfect dress is just beginning. With this, many stores will be on guard to have as many dresses and suits for everyone attending homecoming.

Whether you’ve had your dress picked out since last year, or are still frantically searching every store and website in the state, picking out your perfect outfit can be an exciting time. Homecoming outfits gives students the opportunity to dress up and get fancy while dancing the night away with your friends.

“I still don’t have my dress,” junior Lindsey Michol said. “I just want to make sure my dress is going to be the right one for me.”

Over the years, students have changed what they want their dresses to look like. For example, now a days most people don’t want a bright, voluminous dress like they wore in the 80’s. This year, when searching for the trends of 2017 homecoming, many people seem to be looking for a floral print dress or a two piece dress. In contrast people look for bright and floral, other popular dresses that are on the market are darker colored or more simple designed dresses.

“I look for something that isn’t too plain,” junior Jessica Johnson said. “I wanted a dress that was darker but still matched my personality.”

If the thought of homecoming has brought up a wave of stress, don’t worry yet. Homecoming is on October 14 giving students plenty of time to find a dress or suit. There are also a variety of stores around town ensuring that student’s don’t have to look too far for their dress.