What’s competition day without the t-shirts?

Evan Gray, Online Editor-In-Chief

Competition day is a day in school in which all the students and their classes (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) dress up in different class colors and go to the gym. Once in the gym the classes and their students battle each other in all different types of activities and games.

Competition day, or “comp day”, as many students refer to it, will be going on the week of homecoming on Thursday the 12th. The sophomores wear red, the juniors wear blue, and the seniors wear white. The apparel the students wear on competition day is usually heavy decorated with last names on it, graduation years, and many other decorations.

“Comp day is my favorite day of the school year,” junior Christina Coletti said. “It’s so much fun. I love being around all my friends and having a bunch of fun.”

The T-shirts that go along with competition day are one of the students favorite things about the day and that is always emphasized by the students.

“The T-shirts are the most important part of comp day,” senior Logan Schultz said. “They make the setting of it so much more fun and can help you figure out how old everyone really is and how hype they are.”

Students most of the time go all out for competition day wearing all kinds of different class colored accessories and clothes.

“Only way to do comp day is to go all out,” junior Cooper Doucette said. “[The] last competition day was awesome and so much fun. I hope this year it’s just as good.”

This year competition day happens that Thursday, then the Friday after is the homecoming game, and Saturday is homecoming.