Students popped the question for homecoming


Seniors Nicole Mcmenomay and Anna Pearce pose with a homecoming proposal poster.

Madalyn Dishman, Managing Editor

Imagine… you’re getting ready for homecoming and everything is absolutely perfect, your hair is done, your dress is gorgeous, and you are about to have the time of your life with friends. You may be wondering, “What could make this scenario even better?” Well for many, the icing on the cake would have been a date to homecoming.

“My friend Anna’s boyfriend lives in Texas so she thought it would be a good idea to ask me,” senior Nicole Mcmenomay said, “we were going in a group with our friends anyways.”

Nowadays, it is often seen as lame to just simply ask someone to homecoming, people like it when they’re asked in a creative, non-traditional way. Girls and guys alike all enjoy being surprised by someone and make plans to go to homecoming.

There is an infinite number of ways you can ask someone. Most people include the person’s sports or interests when brainstorming their proposal. Junior Savannah Gibson was asked by her boyfriend junior Matthew Hoppe to homecoming with her favorite brand of shoes. The poster read ” Let’s Croc and roll at hoco” and she received a pair of Crocs along with it.

“I was like ‘oh my God Crocs!'” Gibson said. “He knew I wanted yellow Crocs to match my dress so I was Crocing and rolling at homecoming.”

Many other proposals have happened in the past couple of months. Whether it has been with friends, crushes, or anyone in between, homecoming proposals are a fun and creative way to find someone to hang out with at homecoming.