Jostens informs sophomores and seniors in a class meeting

Nicole Mcmenomay, Social Media Editor

During the first two hours of the day on Tuesday, the sophomore and senior classes gathered separately in the auditorium for a meeting presented by Jostens aided by teacher and senior prom adviser Mrs. Hilliard.

Jostens is the company that supplies the school yearbooks as well as various purchasable spirit items.

The meeting regarded class apparel, jewelry, and yearbooks for the sophomores as well as graduation, prom, and the class song and quote for the seniors.

Once first hour began, the sophomores were released from their classes to head down to the auditorium for the presentation and were released at the signaling of second hour, when seniors were sent down for their presentation.

The senior meeting began by announcing that prom this year is expected to be on June 7 and that the date and location of graduation is still to be announced. Prom however, will still be held at the Palazzo Grande.

Mrs.Hilliard passed out pamphlets to students that held information about ordering caps and gowns for graduation in addition to other materials concerning purchases that can be made for students graduating.

A yellow flyer was also distributed asking the seniors to give a suggestion for what both the class song and quote should be.

Representatives from Jostens will be available during future lunch periods to take money for orders of class rings among other things.