Tackling ticket sale lines

Madalyn Dishman, Managing Editor

This Friday, the Chieftains will take on the Eisenhower Eagles in the biggest game of the year. This game is predicted to have such a large turn out that tickets are limited.

An issue following this game is space. More specifically, having enough room for fans to watch these two rivals battle on the field. Because of this, tickets will be sold throughout the school week.

“Anybody can buy tickets,” teacher and athletic director Jim Vigus said. “Parents can send in money with their students. We are trying to avoid the mess of long lines.”

This could lead to some upset students but there is good reasoning behind this method. A fear with the mass number of people crowding around Swinehart is having too many people in the stands and a long wait to enter the game. There is only a certain number of people allowed into the field and could be hazardous to the fans with the enormous amount of students, parents, and other fans.

“I think it’s a smart idea,” senior Melaney Habib said,” Ike is a really big school and it will be hectic. Our student section is going to be based on how the team is doing.”

Despite this possible setback to student entry this Friday, tickets will be available for sale for the rest of the week during all lunches as well as at the game. There is no limit to ticket purchase during these days and students in junior high and younger must be with an adult. Friday will be a very important game as it is the first game against Eisenhower since 2010 and is definitely a game you don’t want to miss.