Senior, junior girls compete in powderpuff tournament

Lauren Clair, Reporter

Seniors and junior girls of Utica High School faced off against each other in a football match on Tuesday, October 17 called the Powderpuff.

Junior and senior girls signed up and paid a small fee, which included their Powderpuff T-shirt and a mouth guard.

The money that was raised went to support AVID and National Honor Society.

The Powderpuff was a great way to raise money and have some friendly competition between grades.

“When I showed up,” junior Angelia Suchoski said, “I had a lot of fun.”

This was Suchoski’s first year at the Powderpuff, and as she did not attend the game last year, she explained that she didn’t even know if she would enjoy herself.

Similar to an away game, the pep band could be found in the stands, cheering the girls on. They even switched up one of their stand cheers known as the “Chieftain Beat” to cheer the juniors on.

“Our other junior drum major said,” sophomore Gianna Bratke said, “it would be a good idea if we instead of ‘chieftain beat’ we did ‘junior beat’… it was great.”

The Powderpuff could be compared to spirit week only two weeks before, where each grade competed against each other.

“It reminds me,” junior Hannah Piasecki said, “of competition day.”

Just like competition day, juniors won the game. They overtook the seniors by ten points with a final score of 22-12.