Halloween haunts offer frights for local residents

Lauren Clair and Hannah Piasecki

Northville Psychiatric Hospital could easily be considered a “real” haunted house. Opening in 1952, the state-of-the-art hospital could house 650 patients.

By the 70’s however, it held over 1,000 patients. It began dealing with problems such as theft, fighting, and even rape. Patients could be killed in fights with nurses, and nurses were often overworked. The hospital closed permanently in 2003, and was supposed to be torn down and rebuilt into housing and retail development.

The hospital still stands today, slowly deteriorating. Curious folks sneak through the watchful eyes of nearby neighbors. Clanking chains and disembodied footsteps may be heard as well. But be warned, paying a visit to the location without permission could land you in trouble for trespassing.

Haunted houses are places that are seen as inhabited by spirits of the dead. Today, many choose to visit haunted houses that were built specifically to scare and terrify people. Some haunted houses are open year-round, but most are open for Halloween season. For certain people, haunted houses may be just too petrifying, but for others, haunted houses are just the thing to get into the Halloween spirit.

Watch out at Erebus Haunted Attraction where horrifying things will jump out and grab you! The four story haunted house located in Pontiac, Michigan held the Guiness World Record for largest haunted attraction from 2005-09.

With prices ranging from $19 to $28 (plus a $2.75 service fee) and special effects leaving people nervously chatting, it’s no surprise that the attraction has such a positive reputation.

“The scariest part,” senior Rachel Miller said, “is not knowing which direction to go in.”

Around every corner waits another fright. Erebus is filled with actors with makeup, Hollywood special effects, and of course – victims. Over 7000 of those victims have not been able to make it all the way through and have left through one of the several emergency exits in the attraction. Only the bravest people can make it… Can you?