New passes, new rules

Donald Krall, Business Manager

A new year, a new rule.

After consecutive years of students using parking passes and driving to school, Utica High School has implemented new rules. The new parking pass guideline has each junior or sophomore give a resume to determine if they are qualified to park at Utica High School. Some of the qualifications are grades, behavior, and driving history.

“I think it’s fair,” junior Sammy Lico said, “because if you consistently don’t come to school you shouldn’t have one.”

This news, however, has caused students to have mixed emotions. Many seniors like the new concept because it opens up more parking spaces. The new parking spaces have caused seniors to come later to school and allows them to get more sleep. The seniors are 100% behind this new rule.

“I think the new rules are better,” senior Emily Ciraulo said. “Seniors should have the chance to get a pass first.”

On the other hand, some juniors and sophomores feel that this rule is unnecessary and is unfair to their classes. The underclassmen feel like they are being treated unfair because of their age. From being able to park at
Utica all sophomore year, the juniors feel that this rule in unnecessary.

“This rule is necessary,” junior Angelo Zeolla, “if juniors are responsible, they should be able to drive.”

These parking passes has had many mixed reactions from these students, however, the faculty thinks this is the best decision. From safety, to better parking spot for teachers, the faculty at Utica High School are fully behind this.

“After finding out there wasn’t enough parking spaces for students,” principal Tom Lietz said, “we needed to make a change that would benefit the teachers and the more-responsible students.”