‘Sleeping Beauty’ returns to the stage

Nicole Mcmenomay, Social Media Editor

A classic story is going to be brought to life again on the Utica stage.

“Sleeping Beauty of Loreland,” by Frances Homer, is getting ready to enchant fans with the ancient fairy tale.

The show will make its reintroduction Nov. 16, 17, and 18 where tickets will be $8 for adults, $7 for students, and $5 for children age 12 and under.

Previously, in the spring of 2008, “Sleeping Beauty” hit the stage with then-student William Mathis as one of the cast members.  This time around, Mathis will be aiding the production at the helm as a producer of the show, along with theatre department head, Joel Kaczmarzyk.

“So far, I think this show is moving along incredibly smooth,” Mathis said. “The actors and technical crew have been working really hard to learn their lines and bring the story to life.”

He is now a English teacher at Romeo and a staple of the Utica auditorium after graduating in 2009.

This rendition will be managed by directors senior Katryn Hodges and junior Sarah Boughner. Last year, Hodges and Boughner both went through several rounds of auditions in order to be selected for the coveted directing positions.

“During auditions for director positions, I knew that I wanted to do Sleeping Beauty,” Hodges said, “because I have a lot of ideas that will help it come to life.”

Being chosen as director was a step outside of her comfort zone, according to Hodges, due to her former positions as an actor and various other technical roles. However, she hopes that her new role as a director is a successful one.

“I’m really happy with everyone we chose, although we had a ton of talent during auditions,” Hodges admitted. “The group seems to work well together.”

Casting for the show took place Sept. 20 after an additional callback audition. According to directors, roles were assigned with specific images in mind based on each actors’ appearance and auditions.

The cast list can be viewed on the Twitter account run by the International Thespian Society troupe #[email protected]

While the cast will feature traditional characters such as the King, Queen, and of course, Sleeping Beauty herself, the plot also brings new characters to the table, such as the dueling fairy sisters, Sunlight and Moonlight.

In addition to the sisters, there are also six other fairies in the play who all come with their own unique traits based on the color of the fairy.  For example, senior Stephanie Parochetti earned the role of the Lilac Fairy and her makeup and costume will highlight the color by being designed around the image of a butterfly.

“I was so happy to get the role of a fairy, it gives me room to be creative,” Parochetti said. The cast has had rehearsals daily since casting and the production crew meets at least once per week to make sure that everything is running smoothly and on schedule.

Tickets for “Sleeping Beauty of Loreland” are available in the theatre department, as well as online at showtix4u.com.