Blankets no longer allowed to be worn by students


Nicole Mcmenomay

Sydney Kibiloski’s blanket now is kept in her cubby.

Nicole Mcmenomay, Social Media Editor

During the fall and winter months, some students can be seen sporting blankets over their sweaters and hoodies in an effort to keep warm in cool classes during the day.

However, an email was sent out by principal Thomas Lietz to faculty members highlighting a new change in rules – blankets will no longer be allowed to be worn in the school.

According to Lietz and other administrators, the blankets can be a tripping hazard in the halls and classrooms.

In addition, there is a worry that they could be dangerous to have in science classrooms specifically, where experiments involving flame could be used.

Previously there was no policy pertaining to blankets but now it is hoped that teachers will enforce the ban.

Many have said they were upset about this new change, claiming that blankets are a necessary extra layer against classrooms that are too cold.

“I love my blanket,” senior Sidney Kibloski said. “My classes are freezing and it’s not enough to just wear long sleeves.”

Regardless of how people feel about this change, it remains that students will have to find another way to keep warm this year.