Enrollment, class sizes increase

Alexa Reynolds, Design editor

While the sophomore class may be oblivious to the change, juniors and seniors are all too aware that classrooms and hallways are more crowded than ever. With the new sophomore class being the largest in recent years, the school added over 100 students since the previous sophomore class.

“They’re crowding our hallways and our classrooms and getting in the way of other people,” junior Stephanie Vassilev said. “They don’t have respect for the fact that they’re in a new place.”

Budget cuts have also affected class sizes, according to teacher Steve Haley.

“Because of money issues, [the district], of course had to cut back on teachers,” Haley said, “which means that class sizes have gotten bigger.”

Some students have complained that several classrooms lack the essential resources that allow functionality in teacher-student dynamics.

“It’s terrible,” junior Delaney Hageman said. “I feel like we’re going to lose a lot of books and resources. We’ve already not had enough resources to supply some classrooms.”

Not only has the influx of students depleted resources for some, others say it has also been the cause of multiple tardies and blockages in the hallways. Due to this, the warning bell has been changed from one minute before class starts to two minutes.

“I’m pretty okay with it,” junior Wen Chen said. “Except when I’m navigating the hallways. It’s kind of rude, in my opinion, that people are shoving each other. Just be polite.”

Haley said logistics, in his opinion, are the toughest thing for most teachers.

“My biggest class is 40 [students], and that’s an AP class, which is always fun,” Haley said. “It’s not too much work. For me, it’s been trying to fit 40 desks in one room.”