Senior project brings musicians to nursing home


Lauren Clair , Reporter

For their senior project, some seniors may be taking part in a blood drive, or helping clean their community. One group of seniors, however, decided to take their musical talents to local nursing homes.

“I wanted to do something for my senior project that meant a lot to me,” senior Jessica Norris said, “and the flute is something that means a lot to me and so I decided to play it at the nursing home.”

Seniors Jessica Norris, Marley Biernaczonek, Brandon Fox, Andrew Kerr, and sophomores Gianna Bratke and Katie Philips brought their music to Bortz Health Care and Nannie’s Inn.

Their recital included songs from their Broadway-themed marching band show. They played songs from “Phantom of the Opera,” “Lion King,” “Wicked,” and “Les Miserables.”

“It was really fun, and brought joy to them,” Kerr said. “They were dancing a little bit.”

Sophomores Gianna Bratke and Katie Philips went along with the seniors, even though they did not need to earn community service hours for a club.

“[The seniors] asked me, and I said ‘Why not?’” Philips said. “I mean, it would be fun.”

These musicians chose to bring something that they enjoy to the senior citizens of these two nursing homes.

“I did enjoy it, and we had a lot of fun,” senior Marley Biernaczonek said. “We created our own fun for them and gave them a smile.”