Door decorating contests brings holiday cheer


Teacher Jennifer’s Allore winning classroom door during the 2017 door decorating contest.

Chris Esmont and Elizabeth Cetnar

This year, the student council decided to host a door decorating contest before the holiday spirit week. The festive event helped students, staff, and visitors get into the holiday spirit.

Doors were supposed to be themed to both the holidays and the class that was in the classroom during first hour. For instance, teacher Michael Cubitt’s class included a snowman sliding down math slopes on their door, and including a reference to something they learned this semester in AP Calculus – derivatives.

On Dec. 12, the day of the contest, students decorated throughout the entire first hour. During second hour, staff – including administration and office staff – judged the doors.

The winners for the contest were:

1st – Mrs. Allore’s class

2nd – Mr. Cubitt’s class and Ms. Yucha’s class – TIE 

3rd – Mrs. Bologna’s class

4th – Mrs. Larson class

Check out the doors that some of the winners put together during the contest.

Teacher Jennifer Allore’s 1st place door. “Rory and her sister, Darby Gilkinson, are the girls who had the inspiration to make my door the way it is ,” she said, “I am very happy with the place I got in the door competition.”


Teacher Jill Bologna’s 3rd place room. “We had a medical theme,” teacher Jill Bologna said. “They also wanted something special with a reindeer.”


Teacher Holly Yucha’s 2nd place door. “I am so proud of my students,” teacher Holly Yucha said. “They thought of the idea and I am honored to share the 2nd position with teacher Mr Cubitt.”



Teacher Taryn Larson’s 4th place door. “The inspiration [for our door] was The Crucible, because we are reading it right now in class,” teacher Taryn Larson said. “I am very happy we got 4th place. The kids are feeling good about it.”