StuCo Giving Back to the Macomb Community

Courtney Pullman, Guest Reporter

For Christmas this year, Utica High School’s Student Council adopted a Macomb County family through the Macomb Charitable Foundation. Student Council has done this for many years, but something about this year made the students feel more involved and made it a lot more rewarding.

“My favorite part about adopting a family for Christmas is giving to the less fortunate and realizing that there are people that have less than us,” senior Charlie DeLorenzo said. “But it is our job to help them and make it the best that it can be.”

The students were given a list and were asked to shop for the items on it. They were given their age, gender, and items that they were asking for.

“The families don’t ask for the latest and greatest. They don’t ask for the newest cell phone or Playstation.” senior Charlie DeLorenzo said. “On the list, the young boy asked for Pop Tarts. It’s the little things that make them the most happy.”

According to junior Olivia Adams, Mr. Haley organized this incredible idea to get people involved and in the spirit of giving season.

“Students at Utica were allowed to help out and we received many donations from students.”  DeLorenzo said. “Mr. Haley posted the list of items that were asked for by the family outside of him room and students could bring the items directly to him.”

Although the students do not find out who the family is or if they enjoyed the gifts, they get a gift back much greater than any of those- joy. The students aren’t doing it for any credit, but rather to feel good for themselves and to give back to their community.

“Being that the family is unknown, makes it so much better.”  DeLorenzo said. “If you’re doing something good, you shouldn’t need the credit for it, but rather be happy that you’re making someone else’s Christmas that much better.”

Some find that not knowing the identity of the family is sad. The students have to be there for the family while not knowing who they are, but still keep in mind that they are having a tough time and would provide for their family if they were able to.

“This year we chose a family that needed our support and all hands on for this season,” Adams said. “Sadly we do not get to meet them but hopefully we can see pictures!”

This isn’t the first year that Student Council has done this, but for some it was their first time with adopting a family. Those who did this for the first time this year found it not only life changing, but a chance to make themselves a little less selfish for once.

“Coming to Utica this year and being involved in such a great outreach to give back to the community makes me so happy to be apart of Student Council.” senior Lindsey Wawryzniak said, “Spending our own money on gifts for families that we do not know helps to keep us humane and as selfless as possible.”

As Christmas is approaching and the holiday season will be ending, the students involved in adopting a family will feel a little less selfish and a lot more grateful for what they have this Christmas season.