‘Revival’ of Eminem

New album debuts with mixed review from students


Evan Gray, Online Editor

Eminem is back.

After a long hiatus, the artist formally known as Marshall Mathers has returned in a big way – he released his ninth studio album, ‘Revival,’ on Dec. 15.

Recently, Eminem has been quiet and not releasing any new tunes. Before releasing ‘Revival,’ he returned with a freestyle protesting President Donald Trump, which was broadcast at the BET Music Awards on Oct. 11. This is the first release from Eminem since 2013, when he released ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2,’ which is sure to please fans new and old.

“Growing up, Eminem was always the biggest rapper,” junior Amanda Marshall said. “But I never really listened to him until a couple of years ago and he is pretty good.”

Since the official announcement of the release of ‘Revival’, fans have had plenty to get excited about.

“I’m very excited for his new album,” junior Gavin Fromm said. “I’m guessing it is going to be a very good album and it is most definitely hip.”

‘Revival’ seems to be taking a new turn from Mathers’ past releases and is focusing on all the political things that have been going on in the past year.

“I don’t really know how I feel in this sudden change in Eminem’s music,” sophomore Jake Pflaum said. “I was a huge fan of him when I was younger but I feel like he’s falling off now.”

Eminem and his agent, Paul Rosenburg, are doing several different promotions for the upcoming album. They are sending Eminem to ‘Saturday Night Live’, having him perform at the BET Music Awards, and focusing on promotion in Detroit, Mathers’ hometown, with ads throughout the entire city.

The weekend of the release, Mathers did a special pop-up shop for his hometown fans at The Shelter in Downtown Detroit. In an ode to his popular song, ‘Lose Yourself’, he sold “Mom’s Spaghetti,” ‘Revival’ merchandise, and even made surprise appearances to meet and greet with his fans.

Whether fans visited the shop or just streamed the album on Spotify, plenty has been done to hype the release and get fans listening to Mathers’ new music.

“I really like Eminem and am very excited for his new album,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “But to be completely honest, I’m not really digging his new song with Beyonce [‘Walk On Water’].”

After the release of the album, fans will now turn to patiently waiting for a tour announcement, including a potential run of Detroit concerts.