Patriots prevail, Eagles soar

Collin Fox, Sports Editor

The National football league’s American Football Conference, and National Football Conference championship games were both played on Jan. 21

The AFC championship game was played first at 4:05 pm, it was a match up of the red hot Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. The reigning super bowl champs: The New England Patriots

” The Jaguars played a great game,” junior Quinn Rennell said, ” very hard fought, but you can’t beat Tom Brady ”

The Patriots had a come from a behind victory over the jaguars and defeated them 24 to 20.

Some students question the fairness of the game.

” The Refs were paid, I think the game was rigged” junior Gavin Fromm said

The NFC championship game was played first at 6:30 pm, and had the Minnesota Vikings pinned against the Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles decimated the Vikings 38 to 7, after a strong start in the second quarter.

” The Eagles absolutely destroyed the Vikings” senior Ray Bell said

The winners of both games will meet each other in the Super Bowl, it is sure to be a great game