Mr. Chieftain

Once again, its time for the famous “Mr. Chieftain” at Utica High School. To sign up for Mr. Chieftain is very simple. You sign up by going to the main office and asking for an application. The application will be in the main office Wednesday, January 24th. The applications are due Feb. 7.

“Anyone can join,” teacher Erin Derk said, “There are no requirements to apply.”

Mr. Chieftain will take place on March 2, 7 pm in the auditorium. All the money goes to the Macomb Charitable Foundation. Contestants will receive a collection jar with the goal to collect as much money as possible within 14 days. The contestant who collects the most money wins Mr. Charity.

“I plan on winning the crown this year,” junior Ty Cerget said. “I am excited.”

Mr. Chieftain is a once a year opportunity and you wont want to miss it.