Students struggle to follow New Year Resolutions

Mackenzie Malone and Arianna Palushaj

It’s no easy thing to stick to a New Year’s Resolution. It is a challenge that many are unable to pursue. Students had to overcome certain obstacles in order to begin to achieve their New Year’s resolution.

It’s only been a month since they’ve made their resolutions, and while some have stuck to them, others have already given up.
One common resolution for many is weight loss and dieting.

“I’ve been eating like I normally do,” junior Austin Mancini said, “but I have been working out a lot so my dieting and weight balance out.”

Although there are a handful of people that don’t stick with their resolutions, there are also many that are motivated and prepared for a great start to a new year, even when they have to conquer a hardship.

“I got injured at dance,” junior Sienna Schulz said. “I fractured my tailbone so I had to stop temporarily, but I’m excited to get back to it.”

Budgeting is one of the many things that individuals have a hard time staying loyal to.

“My biggest weakness is entertainment,” teacher Mrs. Yucha said. “I’ve spent a lot of money on concert tickets this month when I know I definitely shouldn’t have.”

While having budgets and staying healthy is a great thing, some people decided that their New Year’s Resolution would lead them to a fresh start morally.

“I’ve gone to church and youth group every Sunday and showed up to Bible study every Wednesday,” senior Austin Gambrell said. “It isn’t easy, but I am trying to make sure that I always fit God into my schedule.”

Staying positive and keeping a high head can be important to students when entering a New Year.

“I think I’ve done really well on my resolution,” sophomore Abby Rissman said. “I have become a lot more positive and way more open-minded.”

Grades are important to many students, so starting off a new semester in the new year can also be beneficial.

“I accomplished my resolution by getting all A’s for my semester grades,” sophomore Rima Maroki said. “I also have started two new books.”

Sports is oftentimes used as an escape method for many, but perfecting those skills is a common one of students’ main resolutions.

“I have been observing other people at the wrestling meets in order to know what I need to work on,” junior Chase Esterline said, “which has made me a better wrestler.”