Dashing through the snow


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Jacob Joseph, Copy Editor

As we go through the changes of seasons, we all anticipate the activities that correlate in Michigan. Many of us expect to be tan and enjoying the warmth during summer, and go to haunted houses and cider mills during the fall, but what do people like to do during the cold winter season?

For many, it’s outside activities that are the most popular things to do during the winter season.

“I love to ski,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “It was my was favorite thing to do when I was younger.”

Doing these activities can be fun, but many say they’re bette with friends.

“Sledding is by far the best activity,” junior Mackenzie Malone said. “When you go sledding with friends, it makes it ten times better, as well.”

For some, the snow can bring out the athlete in them.

“My favorite activity has to be playing snow football,” junior Angelo Zeolla said. “Every year, I try to get as many guys as I can to enjoy a good, intense game of football.”

For others, they would rather enjoy the warmth inside instead of dealing with the brutal snow and cold outside.

“I would much rather stay inside than face the cold,” senior Madison Mosher said. “Watching Netflix and sipping on my hot chocolate seems better.”

The winter season definitely has its pros and cons, and is one of the most under-appreciated seasons.

Many take advantage of the conditions, with lots of people enjoying different activities.

Whether you’re a young child or an adult, winter can be an exciting season to look forward to. With multiple activities to pick from, it’s hard to pick a favorite one.