Snow days keep falling down


Madalyn Dishman, Managing Editor

At the first news of snow, many students jump at the idea of a snow day. And with a cold winter predicted, the number of snow days may please or disappoint students.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, a day off can be spent in many different ways. While some use this day to catch up on some sleep, others may take this opportunity to spend it outside.

“I like having snow days because I get to watch Netflix and sleep in,” sophomore Megan Walker said. “I normally watch ‘Glee’ because it’s my favorite show.”

Although there is no set formula to how a snow day is determined, many factors are taken into account like the ability for buses to transport students, day care for younger students, and how the roads will be for driving students.

“We live in Michigan and transport 18,000 students a day,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “It’s a lose-lose situation. You will always have a group of people saying we should be in school.”

Besides snow days, (as of press time) there have been three early dismissals for the high schools and junior highs in the district.

These dismissals have been because of snowfall throughout the school day.

“I love early releases,” junior Jessica Johnson said, “The snow is always really pretty, so I always go home and watch the snow while drinking hot chocolate.”

While there have been moments that feel more like spring rather than winter, this season has been predicted be a cold year with average snowfall, according to the Farmers’ Almanac.