Down the slope


Nicole Mcmenomay, Social Media Editor

The month of January is one where it’s hard to come by temperatures above freezing and for many, a time to hibernate inside with blankets and Netflix.

However, when the weather took a turn for warmth and temperatures climbed into the forties and topped off at around fifty, a few students found a new way to enjoy winter activities.

After midterms ended on a Friday, the group decided to go skiing at Mount Holly as they usually do, taking advantage of a discount through the UCS ski club.

The only thing different was the temperature change, which made normal skiing attire too much for the warmer weather.
Instead, a wild idea came from senior Cassidy Hough and they decided to break out their dresses and suits that they wore to homecoming this year.

“Everyone made fun of me a lot,” Hough said. “But I finally convinced them that it could be legendary.”
The group included other seniors including Matthew Zaleski, Gracie Veenstra, and Brendon Haithcock.

According to Hough, their formal dress attracted many stares as well as compliments with people even asking for photos and letting them cut in line for the ski lifts.

One fellow skiier they met on top of the Black Diamond hill offered to take photos of their outfits, complete with ski goggles and jackets, as she loved photography.

“We ended up using the term “Bourgeoi-ski,”” Haithcock said.

Afterward, they decided that a trip to a local Coney Island to eat while still wearing their evening wear was necessary, having worked hard skiing on the slopes.