Justin Timberlake for Super Bowl MVP


Collin Fox, Sports Editor

Nick Foles may have won most valuable player for the game, but a lot of people will argue that Justin Timberlake deserves it more. It was Timberlake’s third time performing at the Super Bowl and the third time was definitely the charm. He was the halftime entertainment for the game and I believe that he did an amazing job, and I am pretty sure that I’m not alone.

He did so many different songs and moved around all throughout the field. He started from the tunnel into the field and ended in the exact center of it. He rotated from many of his songs, such as “Suit and Tie,” “Sexyback,” and many more. He sang, danced, and even played the piano at the end.

There was amazing choreography throughout the entire performance, and it was honestly one of the best Super Bowl performances I have ever seen.

It had so many different elements and layers to it and they all just blended together so nicely and it was just great. He even did a tribute in the middle of his performance to the late Prince, who was originally from Minnesota.

They had a huge projection of him singing and they also had Prince’s symbol lit up using lights throughout the city. It was an amazing tribute in the middle of an already spectacular performance.

Toward the end of his performance, he also went up into the stands and was even taking pictures with fans in the middle of his performance. Overall, it was a performance people won’t soon forget.