Talent Show

Talia Cesario, Guest Reporter

Utica Talent Show

CALLING ALL TALENT!! (and anyone interested in watching people with talent perform)

Everyone from Utica High School is welcome and encouraged to attend the open auditions held Monday, March 12th after school in the auditorium for the Utica talent show!

Sign ups are outside the drama room on the wall; sign your name and remember that you will be signing up for a specific time to audition on Monday.

“I love that Utica has a talent show,” says junior Lindsey Burg, “so people can showcase their abilities!”

If your audition goes well, remember to attend the mandatory Tech rehearsal on Thursday March 15th after school ends. Performing can be done by a group of people, and it can be done solo.

“I’m doing two duets with two of my really close friends” states junior Lindsey Burg, “and I’m excited to sing a song of our choice.”

Don’t forget to tell all of your friends and family that the talent show is on Friday March 16th at 7:00 pm in the auditorium at Utica High school. Good luck!