Bathroom epidemic

Makenna Galui

January 30, 2017

The recent school bathroom situation really stinks. The bathroom was vandalized by what is assumed to be a few students. All puns aside, this is a really terrible way to start off the new year. We have to spend about 35...

Starbucks Cups

Kelsie Donaldson, Reporter

December 22, 2016

When Thanksgiving comes to an end, people are ready to put up their trees and blast holiday tunes. But one crucial holiday essential for those coffee lovers is the Christmas-themed cups at Starbucks. People argued that the festive...

School Liaison Officers

October 28, 2016

Harambe’s Revenge

Harambe’s Revenge

October 4, 2016


Tayler Pezanowski, Copy Editor

May 25, 2016

Many students remember their first day here as a sophomore. Many remember the way they got lost while looking for their classes and how they had no clue how to open their locker. When taking in the sights of the school, they wonder...

Cracking the code

Noah Laino, Reporter

May 2, 2016

Privacy can be defined as the ability of an individual to seclude themselves, or information about themselves in order to express themselves selectively. In today’s world, technology plays a huge role, allowing personal information...

A Prom-ising start

A Prom-ising start

March 18, 2016

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