Chieftain writing center opens

Talia Cesario, Editor

The Chieftain writing center held a Writing Tutor training seminar and had tutors from Oakland University’s Writing Center come to train students from Utica High School to be able to tutor peers on writing assignments.  This was held on Friday, Oct. 12 during 4th hour.

The seniors who attended this seminar include Francesca Enea, Isabel Redmond, Mackenzie Remeselnik, Jillian Jezak, Isabelle Teasel, Savannah Gibson, Verena Farouk, Phan Huynh, and Brooke Hineman.

“For me, writing has always come easy.” says senior Verena Farouk. “[The Writing Center] is a good way to get ideas out and a good way for people to help others.”

“I really like to tutor.”, says senior Jillian Jezak. “I help my friends with math and science, and writing has always come easy for me.”

To sign up for this training session, go to and click ‘How Do I?’. Next, click ‘Sign Up for the Chieftain Writing Center?’ and follow the directions on the PDF.

“I encourage students to attend, because we worked really hard to get it running.” says Utica High School principal, Tom Leitz. “All kids can come, we wanted to make sure that all kids can attend after school [as well].”

The Chieftain Center is held in the Career/Counseling Center every Tuesday and Thursday during all lunch hours.

“I appreciate the fact that students are willing to dedicate their time to help their peers.” Says Utica High School teacher, Taryn Larson. “I like the collaboration and teamwork [between the students].”

Don’t hesitate to visit the Utica High School Chieftain Writing Center at lunch every Tuesday and Thursday, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

The Chieftain writing center is a great way to get educated on writing styles and a great option for students who need extra help on homework.