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The student news site of Utica High School


The student news site of Utica High School


Principal Tom Lietz accepts new position

Principal Tom Lietz accepts new position

Alexander Schmidt, Digital Editor May 24, 2022

It was shocking news for students and staff to learn that principal Thomas Lietz would be leaving Utica at the end of the school year. “I have accepted a position as the Associate Director for Training...

Junior Sophia LaBrecque wears her mask correctly while waiting for class to start.

Temporary mask mandate instituted

Emily DeClark, Reporter January 23, 2022

Principal Tom Lietz stood by the door, distributing masks to the maskless. On Monday, Jan. 10, masks were required at Utica High for the first time. “For masking, there is no set number [to force...

Principal Thomas Leitz

Testing for COVID-19

Brooklynn Hathcock, Digital Editor in Chief January 20, 2021

Many videos show people getting the COVID test, where they have to get their nose swabbed. In most videos, they people getting tested are crying, screaming, and seem very uncomfortable, but really- how...

Presidential election awaits final certification of votes

Alexander Schmidt, Online Reporter November 10, 2020

President Trump is at 69,631,958 votes, vs Democratic nominee Joe Biden is at 73,496,027 votes. Politics will always be a sensitive topic, and there is always going to be controversy surrounding it, but...

Yearbook staff completes publication from home

Yearbook staff completes publication from home

Ethan Smale, Online Reporter May 22, 2020

Michigan schools were closing, and within minutes of the governor’s announcement, senior Ashley Siluk was texting her yearbook adviser, Stacy Smale, to figure out how to move forward. As editor-in-chief...

Signs are posted outside of every location of the food distribution centers for students and families.

Feeding UCS families in a time of need

Nur Awkal, Editor May 1, 2020

As the Corona Virus becomes more mainstream, and multiple districts begin to shut down their buildings, the fear of hunger becomes prevalent for some. Not only are schools a source of education, but for...

Hand Sanitizer Stations brought to Utica

Mackenzie Olmstead, Editor April 30, 2020

Germs, viruses, and different kinds of bacteria face the crowded halls of a typical high school day. Now, there are hand sanitizing stations to maximize the cleanliness in the halls. Throughout the...

Students get a lyft from school

Students get a lyft from school

Anthony Barney, Copy Editor March 17, 2020

In an effort to not have to take the bus after school, students have become creative in their alternatives for a ride home. Recently, one of the popular ways for a quick solution for this problem, is taking...

Secrets of the U

Secrets of the U

Charles Borus, Editor March 16, 2020

Every day, students walk into school with an eagerness to learn, and leave with the sense relief that another day is over. Since 1860, over one million students have come and gone through both the Utica...

Say what’s up with Tommy Lietz

Parker Hopkins, Digital Editor-in-Chief February 25, 2020

A principal may seem like a far cry from the guy rockin’ out on stage, but that isn’t the case for our very own Tom Lietz. Long before he took over at Utica High School, Lietz graced the stage as...

On Jan. 3, 2020, the U.S. killed Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani

Political confusion

Haley Grooms and Cameron Smale February 24, 2020

Top Iranian general killed. Following US air strike, the possibility of further escalation has some students questioning draft and war possibilities. It can be alarming when one logs into Twitter and...

Senior Magan Leitermann can be seen wearing a crop-top, which meets her midriff, but is considered against the current dress code.

Dress code update

Wilhelmina Viviano, Editor February 17, 2020

Possible updates to the dress code were brought to the attention of principal Thomas Lietz late last school year. One student’s concern has started the conversation on change and awareness of the old...

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