Coach McDonald’s 300th win

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Coach McDonald’s 300th win

Julia Bartoy, Guest Reporter

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On Dec. 17, Tom McDonald led the girls varsity basketball team to their 300th victory. The girls battled Rochester Adams in a 53-36 sweep for Chieftain basketball. The girls left victorious and so did McDonald as it was his 300th win as a basketball coach.  

The game was very special to the coach and players, not only because of the win, but because it meant a lot to their coach.

“He is always critiquing and giving me tips in practice and in games,”junior Madison Barch said. “Helping me to become a better overall player which can be considered the best advice because of how much experience, knowledge and love he has for the game.”

300 game wins is not common as a sports coach, especially in high school where the competition can be very strong.

Any success we’ve had is because of the great players and people that have been a part of our program,” McDonald said.

McDonald has been coaching girls basketball for the past 28 years. He played basketball throughout all of his high school career as a Chieftain himself.

The opportunity to teach and coach in the district where I attended school was an exciting thought and it has worked out great,” McDonald said.

Usually when milestones are hit like that there is a celebration, but not for McDonald because the very next day he held a practice to continue the hard work he tries to influence on the players.

“Coach McDonald is the best coach I could as for,” junior Mary Goepper said. “I’m so happy that he hit this milestone and it got to be with our team.”


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