Spring break for seniors is right around the corner


Julia Bartoy

Senior Julia Bartoy in Florida drinking a smoothie last year for Spring break

Nur Awkal, Guest Reporter

eOn April 1, spring break officially starts, and many are getting ready to go on vacation. They have so much to pack including bathing suits, shorts, tank-tops, and certainly their phone chargers.

Many seniors are going to very popular places for their last spring break. Some are going to Mexico, Florida, California, or even just a nice relaxing time up north. Mexico and Florida are the two common places for spring break but there are all different places people go.

“I am going to Florida this spring break,” senior Julia Bartoy said. “I am going with a bunch of my friends to Treasure Island, and I can’t wait to enjoy the weather and time with them.”

Bartoy is going to be of many who go to Florida. Many seniors plan a group trip and fly or drive out together.

In any event, spring break has been the biggest tradition for most seniors. It’s one of the last major break of their school career before summer, and they take this chance to enjoy a nice vacation during their school year.

“I am very excited to go to Cancun this break,” senior Anna Trenkamp said,  “but I am nervous for the plane ride and going by my self with my friend.”

In addition, seniors like Trenkamp are pumped for vacation. She is doing a new workout routine, and a new diet. She is trying to eat healthier and exercise harder than she already does. Trenkamp is leaning off of dairy, grain, and extra junk food. She is also staying away from sugars that are in every day food. Not as many people are going to push them selves as hard as Trenkamp is but a lot of people do this before vacation.

Even though students will be having fun these vacations can be costly. On average, a student going on spring break will spend over a thousand dollars during that one week of spring break.

There are expenses like tickets to get there, or if one is driving gas, hotel rooms, food, and clothes. Not many people fully understand how much they have to spend over break.