Commencement speeches

Mackenzie Malone , Social Media Editor

For seniors, their four years at Utica are quickly coming to an end. That means that many exciting things will be happening for the seniors in the next coming months.

One deadline that is quickly approaching is the sign up to deliver the commencement speech at graduation.

For interested students, they must submit a high-quality speech to principal, Thomas Lietz, by April 12.

Ideal speeches are ones that capture their audience while being inspiring and illuminating. Each student in their speech must reflect on their time at Utica and how it has shaped them into the person that they are today. Speeches must also exemplify the life and values of Utica High School.

“We are definitely looking for someone that has something unique to say,” Lietz said, “one that is separate from the others and has given it a lot of thought.”

Speeches will be judged by staff members that have volunteered and only their votes will count.

Each speech will be scored out of 100 points. The speakers will be judged on the overall delivery as well as organization, quality, and effectiveness.

The top speech will be delivered at graduation. An additional speaker will be chosen to  deliver a speech at Senior Honors Night.