This is the VSCO logo on the app.

This is the VSCO logo on the app.

Julia Bartoy, Guest Reporter

If you are a fan of social media, such as Instagram, Snapchat or Tumblr, then VSCO could be a social media platform that would spark interest to you. Visual Supply Company, or VSCO for short, is an app for both iPhone and Andriod users where you create an account to edit and upload pictures. VSCO has their own unique filters to edit photos with, that are available for your use. There are other tools available on the app such as: crop, skew, sharpen, white balance, etc.

“Out of the 15 filters that the free version of the app has to offer, my favorite filter is T1,” junior NurAwkal said. “I love how it makes all my pictures look.”

VSCO is different from every other social media platform because there is very little interaction. You can view your follower’s posts once they are uploaded, however, you cannot comment on the post or like it. This lets users focus more on what they like to post rather than the “likes” or “shares” of others.

“I have a VSCO account but I prefer Instagram because I like the format more and I feel like it is more functional than VSCO,” junior Magan Lietermann said.

This app is ideal for artistic individuals who like photography and want to enhance the natural beauty of their photos. VSCO makes it easy to upload a bunch of photos at once.

“VSCO is a great platform to express my photos publicly and makes it easier for people to see my edited pictures,” said Anthony Barney.