Lula’s Cafe


Julia Bartoy, G uest Reporter

With summer approaching, lots of new restaurants, cafes, and shops are popping up everywhere around Utica. In particular, Lula’s Cafe has just recently opened. This cute, small cafe sells all healthy related foods items such as acai bowls, avocado toast, kale salads, trendy coffee late’s, smoothies and more.

“The avocado toast from there is amazing and I highly recommend it,” junior Magan Leitermann said.

What appeals to many people is the beautiful aesthetics of the restaurant. Light colored walls, plants placed everywhere, and the Instagram-worthy latte art makes a trendy place for people of all ages to enjoy.

“Lula’s Cafe is a trendy place that has good food for an affordable price,” junior Lydia Abraham said.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs are prepared daily. The addition of healthy foods in restaurants appeals to many.

“I drink a smoothie every morning,” junior Nur Awkal said. “I love that they have delicious, clean and healthy smoothies.”

If you are craving a quick, healthy bite to eat, Lula’s Cafe on Hall rd and Hayes is the place to go based on students opinions and general reviews.