Teachers gather in front of Utica for another rally

UEA continues contract negotiations

Haley Grooms, Editor-in-Chief

Before the school day began on Nov. 1, teachers across Utica Community Schools gathered at Utica High, as well as the other three district high schools, for yet another picket rally.

Students observed as faculty walked the sidewalk along Shelby Road with signs and a message for others to hear. While negotiations have been underway for some time, many were unaware that UCS teachers have been working without a contract, and have reported several years of pay freezes.

“At first I was really surprised but also very confused,” senior Lauren Kerr said. “I’m glad the teachers are standing up for what they believe in, because they deserve better.”

Negotiations for a new contract are in the works, and teachers are hopeful their bargaining team will come to an agreement with the Board of Education’s team by Nov. 3.

“Our teachers should be paid appropriately for the work that they are doing,” sophomore Antonio Capelj said. “As long as they believe in what they are fighting for, then I say go ahead.”

More updates will follow on contract negotiations as they occur.