Students get a lyft from school

Staff, students begin to take advantage of the new technology of Uber and Lyft to get rides home from school.

Anthony Barney, Copy Editor

In an effort to not have to take the bus after school, students have become creative in their alternatives for a ride home. Recently, one of the popular ways for a quick solution for this problem, is taking an Uber or Lyft ride home. This is becoming increasingly more common among youth in high schools, and society in general. Uber and Lyft are companies that offer driving services to those who may want or need a ride. To request an Uber, it is quite simple. Download the Uber app, enter the desired destination address in the where to box. After these few simple steps, just click an available vehicle in the city, and click request. Although, one of the most vital requirements to try and get an Uber has a severe roadblock for local high-schoolers.: the age limit is 18.

“I believe 18 is a sufficient age for Uber,” officer Jim Malczewski said. “They are legally adults now, so there would be no reason to change it now.”

Because of the fact that a lot of high-schoolers aren’t of age, it’s hard for them to order Ubers. However, parents can also log into the app if they cannot come to pick up their child. Since the parents are over 18, they can now bypass the age wall, and order an Uber for their children.

“I personally am not comfortable with my kids, in third and fifth grade in Uber’s alone,” teacher Jeff Lapratt said. “In regards to older students, I believe they should institute the buddy system instead of going alone.”

Although, due to certain circumstances, there always parents aren’t always available to pick their children up, due to personal circumstances, working late, or other issues. In these circumstances, options to get the student home become much more limited, and ideas have to become more creative. In these times, Uber or Lyft may be the last source that the school can come up with to get the student home safely.

“The kids we’ve helped are at least 17 or 18 years old,” Principal Tom Leitz said. “This is for last alternatives. Only when it is the appropriate age will we most likely go through with it.”

Along with the travels of Uber and Lyft, comes the long awaited, price tag associated with this. Generally, per mile, the average starting price is around $2 for Uber. As for Lyft, it comes close to a price of $1.50 per mile, with a $0.90 initial fee.

“I think it’s a good price, senior Sophia Cortez said. “It’s really affordable considering I only have only one family car. So with the affordable prices, it is a nice alternative instead of having to get another car for the family to use.”

With all these factors into consideration, another problem arises: the fear factor. Although Uber and Lyft are reliable sources for their customers, there are always some lingering fears of drivers. Although some may be skeptical, Uber and Lyft conducts annual background checks of their employees to ensure that they are safe for customers. At the same time making sure their services are adequate for their customers, so that the customers are comfortable.

“I think that it depends what driver you have,” junior Jenna Clark said. “If you feel safe I would go through with it, but I would like to know a little more information about my driver before I get a ride from them.”