Feeding UCS families in a time of need


Thomas Lietz Courtesy Photo

Signs are posted outside of every location of the food distribution centers for students and families.

Nur Awkal, Editor

As the Corona Virus becomes more mainstream, and multiple districts begin to shut down their buildings, the fear of hunger becomes prevalent for some. Not only are schools a source of education, but for the students who rely on the food provided by school, it rises many questions over the wellbeing of these students, as well as their families. In order to combat this crisis, Utica Community Schools will be offering meals to all children and teens eighteen years old and under on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In addition to this, reguardless if one is a UCS student or not, or if one qualifies for free or reduced lunch or not, these people are still able to pickup meals free of charge. The food will be distrubited free of charge at fourteen different public school locations through the community.

In addition, the food distribution workers are providing enough meals to last three days. This is to combat frequent trips. Children to not have to be present for parents to go get the meals.

“There are good things that are happening,” Principal Thomas Lietz said, “we just have to remember to keep doing those good things.”

Furthermore, the meals that will be distributed will be wholesome, and healthy meals. They will be very well put together so the people that will be picking up these meals can rely on a nice meal that will satisfy them and their families inbetween each pickup.

Although, the staff does have a few minimal compliences it asks of the people who will be coming to pick up these meals. They are asking, to minimize the social exposure, that families and their children either drive or walk up to the outdoor distribution site and collect the breakfast, as well as the lunches. Afterwards, to take them home to ensure safety for all.

The participating schools will begin distributing food between the time frame of 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and will be ran for about an hour or two depending on the location. Meals will also be sent out and delivered by UCS food trucks at many different locations.

With all of this progress being made, the food service staff is requesting for volunteers. To sign up there is a community link online. To find this link, look up online “UCS meal preparation for quarantine volunteers”. In addition, it is very simple process for new volunteers. As it only asks for name, number, and an e-mail address.

If some may be concerned about safety, there is no need to worry. Workers have taken this into consideration and only assigned volunteers and food service staff can be on site during the designated distribution hours.