Presidential election awaits final certification of votes

Principal share his thoughts

Alexander Schmidt, Online Reporter

President Trump is at 69,631,958 votes, vs Democratic nominee Joe Biden is at 73,496,027 votes. Politics will always be a sensitive topic, and there is always going to be controversy surrounding it, but those different opinions and beliefs help us take into consideration other’s needs, as well as our own. They help many form their own decisions.

“I walk a very narrow line and I do not allow my politics to get into school,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “I want the well of the people and the votes to be tabulated fairly and appropriately and I think Secretary of State Benson did a nice job answering so many questions yesterday.”

Aside from politics, this year’s election has just about broken the most voters ever to participate in a presidential election since 1908. 1908 currently holds the #1 spot for the most voter to participate at 65.7%. As of Nov. 6, participation was at 61.2%. To surpass the 1908’s, 4.6% are needed to break the record.

“I believe strongly in these systems, and for all of the anxiety and everything else, I think the most important thing is to have a process and a system that works. As long as it does, everything else works out,” Lietz said. “I have never lived through an election like this one, as close as many other elections have been. I applaud the media and the electors that are doing these jobs right now because everyone is trying to not get ahead of it and let the process play out, and that’s important.”