Teacher retirement results in new staff member

Sydney Wilcox takes over psychology, US History classes


Loriana Mannino, Reporter

On Sept. 16, parents and students received an email titled “Teacher Changes” from principal Tom Lietz. This provided the news that one of Utica’s teachers, Mrs. Joy Grieco, had retired.

“Earlier this week, one of our outstanding educators, Mrs. Joy Grieco, let me know that due to personal reasons she would need to retire effective immediately,” Lietz said. “It was not a light decision.  After 25 years at Utica High School and over 30 as educator, she determined she needed to retire.”

On Sept. 20, teacher Steve Haley took over all the AP Psychology classes, and  teacher Sydney Wilcox took over US History and regular Psychology.

Wilcox graduated from Utica in 2016 and in 2020 graduated from Central Michigan University. She is the Utica freshman cheer coach and previously cheered at Utica.

“It was good,” Wilcox said. “It was a great four years, and definitely helped me learn skills for today.”

Students in Wilcox’s class are now very well adjusted into the class. The class consists of the same material as Haley’s, but with her own little twist.

“The class is very laid back and chill,” sophomore Ben Pittman said.

Haley is very well-known teacher and is now only teaching AP Psychology.

“Mr. Haley has spent over 30 years in the classroom and has taught AP Psych over five years, bringing much needed experience and certification to that position,” Lietz said. “Though Mr. Haley will miss his US History and regular psychology classes, he brings an expertise to this position that we need.”

Although some may miss their previous schedules, most said it wasn’t a huge change or challenge for students.