The Winter Dance


Hannah Piasecki, Guest Reporter

Last year, a Winter Dance was hosted by Utica’s student council Jan. 29. According to an Arrow article from Feb. 22, 2016, “administration has agreed to host the dance again next year, and student council hopes that the winter dance will become an annual occasion.” However, with no news of a dance until mid January, students were unsure if the dance was still going to happen.

Utica’s Student Council has confirmed that they will be hosting a Winter Dance again this Saturday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. It will be held in the main gym. With flyers all over the school, students can be reminded of the dance throughout the day. Admission to the dance will cost $10 at the door with student I.D. and there will be a $1 coat check.

“It’s not ‘Homecoming’ formal. Last year I just wore a maxi summer dress,” junior Justis Montgomery, student council member said. “Guys could probably wear nice khaki pants with dress shoes and a nice shirt.”

Some students are happy about the dance being hosted and are looking forward to it.

“I’m not as excited as I was for Homecoming,” sophomore Sarah Boughner said, “but I’m still excited.”

The dance is only for Utica High students; no outside guests will be permitted to attend.

“I think it’s easier that way,” Boughner said, “and that you don’t really need to bring people from outside if you can just bring your friends.”

Some students have ideas about what they hope to happen at the dance.

“I hope that there’s a good music playlist,” Boughner said.

Student council members have asked students during lunches to suggest music for the dance, presumably an act to improve the music selection for the dance and get more people interested in attending the dance. Student council’s Twitter also posted a tweet asking people to DM (direct message) any song requests to the account.

“The goal of that was to get better music,” Montgomery said, “because the music from previous dances was kind of boring.”

With enjoyable music being vital to a successful dance, it is hoped that the efforts of student council will pay off and most, if not all, students will enjoy the music.

“I believe there’s going to be a DJ,” Montgomery said.

If the Winter Dance is a hit for the second consecutive year, it may just become a tradition for Utica.