The fight over the best console

Ethan Smale, Business Manager

With one of the largest communities in the world being based around gaming technology, its no question that there’s going to be differing opinion between everyone. One of the hugest arguments among this community, is what console is the best for gaming. The big three being PC gaming, xbox, and playstation.

“The rivalry is pretty big, ” junior Michael Priebe said. “It’s pretty hard to tell which one is the better console.”

Some people think that the playstaion is the best console, with its strengths being in deals with certain companies to get exclusive games. These exclusives are highly sought after and most gamers want to play. Some of their biggest exclusives being the “Spider-Man” series of games, and “The Last of Us.”

“I like playstation better because I can play with all my friends,” junior Santino Maselli said. “Plus there’s a bunch of exclusives on there that are way better than xbox.”

Others believe that xbox is the superior console, with its strength being high performance at a semi-affordable price. Their FPS (frames per second) is much higher than the playstation and at a cheaper price than it. However, its performance is worse than most PC’s coming in, several hundred dollars cheaper making it a good option for someone trying to enjoy games at an affordable price.

“I prefer xbox,” Priebe said. “It includes better specs in every category (than playstation) and the controller feels better in my hand.”

Many people believe that PC gaming reigns over those two consoles by a long shot. With PC having access to hundreds of more games, ridiculously higher performance in game speed and higher FPS, its no question that people would think this is the best option for gaming. The only downside of a PC is the unaffordable price for most people. This gaming device is primarily designed for people commited to gaming, that will spend lots of time on it to get their moneys worth out of it.

“PC is better for so many reasons,” junior Brandon Elder said. “Theres no cap to FPS, no requirement of upgrading to the newest console to get new games, better graphics quality, more detailed settings for games, and way more programs than run games and other things.”

With all of the consoles having their strengths and weaknesses, there will never be a definite answer as to which one is the best. It’s all an individuals personal preference that is based on how much time you spend on the game, whether the gamer prioritizes performance, game access, or affordability. Either way all gamers will have fun on the console of their choice, even if other people dont think it’s the best console.