Teacher of the Year

Science teacher Bryant Sebastian chosen at the school’s 2023 nominee


Tyler Watford, Sports Editor

Science teacher Bryant Sebastian has been voted by the staff as teacher of the year, to commemorate his great actions and great performance as a teacher at Utica.

“I was surprised. There are a lot of other teachers that are just as good as I am or better and I just didn’t expect myself to be chosen.” Sebastian said. “I was honored especially above all of my colleagues and they work just as hard as I did.”

Sebastian taken aback by winning teacher of the year.

“All the teachers vote for teacher of the year and they nominate anyone. The top 3 are then voted on to decide teacher of the year.” Sebastian said. “The other two to vote for was Mrs. Kevonian and Mrs. Hilliard.”

Tough pick of finalists.

“I definitely  did not think I’d be nominated, so I am honored,” teacher Melissa Kevonian said. “It is impossible to choose a “best teacher” at with the staff we have.”

Kevonian found it hard to choose just one teacher to be the “best.”

“I nominated Mr. Sebastian,” teacher Anthony Sader said. “He’s an excellent educator but also a really good person, he fulfills the science head roll really well.”

Sader with a lot of positive things to say about Sebastian.

“He helps students by providing retake opportunities during lunch and after school,” Sader said. “He mentored several new hires in the science department and plays a large role in the new health academy here at UHS as well as being a man teacher for it.”

Sebastian has just done a lot of amazing things for UHS, caring for students, caring for teachers, caring for the school.