iPhone X: One of the priciest phones ever hits the market

Jack Wexler and Emily Kramer

The iPhone X is the brand new edition of one of the most popular phones in the world. People around the globe lined up to buy the iPhones on release day.

But sales with this year’s iPhone stunted because of one simple element – the price. The previous iPhone (iPhone 8) cost about $700, Which is more affordable then this year’s edition, that costs an astounding $999.

“I think it is way too expensive,” junior Ethan Shuerman said, “and it just gives me another reason not to get an Apple phone,”

However, there are some that look past the price and believe the new iPhone is worth every penny.

“It’s the best one out there,” senior Ryan Carrier said, “and very cheap.”

Some people are mainly concerned about the new features that have been added, rather than the price tag, including sophomore Amelia Koda.

“I like that it has a really nice camera,” Koda said, “and facial recognition.”

Usually people rush to trade in their phones for the latest model but price has had a bigger effect than Apple originally thought.

Sales are below expectations for the new iPhone due to price, and many have said the features haven’t been enough to make them want to spend the $999.

Price has discouraged many from buying what is the most expensive Apple smart phone ever sold to date. Competition like the

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 only cost $100 less than the iPhone X and both phones have similar features including no home button and large phone screens.

Most didn’t see a reason to spend so much on the latest iPhone and have kept their original iPhones in hopes that the next will be more worth it. Until the next iPhone release, people are stuck waiting to see what Apple will do with their latest product and what the price of the next iPhone will be.