Bringing light back to the stage


Nicole Mcmenomay, Social Media Editor

For years, the theatre department has been putting on larger-than-life shows for the Utica stage. Unfortunately, this year, four of their lighting instruments have given out and need to be replaced.

Without these lights, the actors and actresses that perform cannot be seen by the audience.

The lights currently in the facility are over 15 years old and their parts are no longer available. The only option the theatre department has is to replace them completely, which costs upwards of $4,000.

Senior Anna Pearce, as part of her Senior Service Project, aided theatre and English teacher Joel Kaczmarczyk in creating a DonorsChoose page to fundraise the money necessary to replace the lights needed.

DonorsChoose is a website dedicated to fundraising efforts, specifically in the school system. The organization helps to vet potential projects and makes sure the money goes exactly where it is supposed to.

“I knew I needed more hours for my project,” Pearce said, “so I figured I’d help with something meaningful to me.”
Although the theatre hasn’t been able to purchase the lights as of press time, they are making progress.

“So far, we’ve raised around $400,” Pearce said, “and I’m happy to be helping my theatre ‘family’.”

Kaczmarczyk has concerns about lighting for the department’s current show, “Camp Rock,” which hits the stage tonight.

“The instruments that we have been losing are used to front light the stage,” Kaczmarczyk said, “and are absolutely essential to putting on a show.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the theatre program and help illuminate the stage with all of its lights once more can donate at Donors Choose online.