Students prepare for mid winter break

Mid winter break. Spring break’s depressing older cousin. The cousin that is never noticed because they are too short tempered, not friendly enough. When will students stop giving mid winter break the cold shoulder?

“It’s one of the last high school breaks for seniors,” senior Emily Branthoover said. “We want to spend it just relaxing and spending time with friends and family.”

As the years go by, it seems more and more students prefer to stay indoors during the February break, watching Netflix marathons for days on end and staying comfy in pajamas. Students say they would rather stay in bed than go outside to make a snowman, sled, ski, or even go somewhere less “Michigan.”

“School is really stressful and weekends don’t cut it,” junior Sarah Vansickle said. “I just want to sit and have some time to myself.”

Although some students would rather be indoors, there are others that make the most of the freshly sprinkled snow by going out and being active. Junior Kellyn Klink plans to be outside for the most part riding her horse.

“I need to spend a lot of time training with my horse,” Klink said. “I have a bunch of shows coming up in the spring and the summer.”

On an average, 90% kick off their sneaks and trade them in for fuzzy bunny slippers to watch Netflix and order take out during the holiday break.

When some may decide to jump into the piles of snow that the snow plows create on the side of the road, there is always that 10% of families that decide to go to someplace else out of Michigan. Teacher Brian Drobnich plans going on a jam packed road trip to a ski resort.

“We’re going to a place in Colorodo called ‘Steamboat’.” Drobnich said. “It’s a twenty- two hour drive, but the place is very family friendly.”

No matter what you do over this mid winter break, nothing is better than being out of school. While most Michigan schools only have an long weekend, UCS students are able to enjoy an entire week.