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2023 Fashion Wrapped

Tasmanian Ugg’s were a big trend of 2023, and people continue to wear them.

Fashion in our generation is controversial and is constantly changing.

Some fashion (clothing) trends of 2023 include, cargo pants, lululemon, flare leggings, puffer vests, leather pants/skirts, baggy jeans, Nike tecs, Nike socks, essentials hoodies, white fox, and puffer coats. Some shoe trends include chunky converse, panda dunks, Ugg slippers, yeezy slides, dunks, and air Jordans.  Trending accessories of 2023 include Kendra Scott necklaces, claw clips, lululemon belt bags, etc.

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on these items of clothing, and every individual has their own style. Some dress classy, some dress casual, and some dress bold. It all varies, depending on the person.

“My favorite fashion trend from 2023 was essential hoodies, and white fox hoodies,” sophomore Jordan Gabridge said.

What people choose to put on every day, tends to reflect on what kind of person they are.

“A fashion trend I hated from 2023 was socks with slides,” sophomore Jamra Krajnik said.

Often what people wear also can just depend on the mood they are in that day.

“My favorite trend was definitely Ugg’s,” sophomore Kailea Sudder said.

Everyone one has a unique style and embraces it in their own way.

“My favorite trend was Ugg’s, and puffer vests,” sophomore Avery Lewis said.

Fashion trends of this generation are constantly changing, and many trending things have been carried down from past generations. For example, scrunchies, flare or boot cut pants, chunky shoes, low-rise, flannels, crop tops, platform sandals, and mom jeans. Sometimes when a certain item is trending, you may buy it and not like it. Some may even waste money because they thought they would like the item since everyone else does.

“A trend I wasted my money on was a Stanley cup,” sophomore Avery Lewis said.

Gabridge agrees when she said, “My least favorite trend was Stanley cups.”


This year a large amount of people were lined up at target to get the Valentines themed Stanley cups. (Google)
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Gabriella Fontana
Gabriella Fontana, reporter
Gabriella Fontana is a sophomore in high school, and it is her first year in newspaper. She plays soccer, and also enjoys basketball. She enrolled in Yearbook in eighth grade and loves to interact with people. She loves listening to music and hanging out with friends. She looks forward to what this year will bring.

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