Arrow editors get inspired at Tedx Detroit

TedX is a great experience for anyone with dreams and goals for their future. And as we left the Masonic Temple after listening to the presenters’ inspiring speeches, we felt motivated and ready to finish out senior year strong.

This event took place on Sept. 26 at the Masonic Temple where 35 innovators shared insightful stories and wisdom to the audience for roughly ten minutes. There were three ‘sessions’ that each included said amount of people and in between each session there was an hour or so to go check our stores and ‘labs’ which were just the people promoting themselves and their companies at booths.

Evan Gray’s favorite: There were all kinds of different people from all different walks of Earth, but my personal favorite was Stuart Macdonald, an award winning magician. He did a routine that got him famous where he has a magic mirror that makes double of everything. I really liked this because the guy was really good at the magic and it really got me thinking about how people do stuff like that. Also, he preached the message of never giving up and I really liked how he did that because I live by the same rules, I never give up no matter what it is and I related directly to what he was saying.

Mackenzie Malone’s favorite: The overall experience at TedX Detroit was so inspiring. Listening to all of these successful people talk about their thoughts and ideas  was so encouraging. By far though, my favorite speaker was Kate Biberdorf. As a strong self-made woman, she is such an icon for young girls to look up to. Having women like her for young girls to look up to and aspire to be like is so important. I loved everything she had to say and I was so captivated the entire time.

Collin Fox’s favorite: I enjoyed almost all of the speakers and performers that were on stage for the event. My personal favorite was definitely the Mack brothers though. They were a spunky duo of two young brothers that are aspiring entrepreneurs. They had witty jokes and talked about their many businesses and just gave an overall motivating presentation. They even ended with a cool song and dance routine. I feel like they definitely performed the best and it was especially cool that they were so young, and I really loved their inspiring lessons.


Madalyn Dishman’s favorite: My personal favorite was Mahogany Jones who is an inspirational rapper. Although she didn’t rap, she gave a speech that I feel like was very relevant for our age group. She started by telling the audience how she found Cardi B and realized she felt empowered and inspired by her music, Jones then went on to tell everyone how they can Cardi B themselves by being confident and bold in everything they do. I think that since she used such a popular artist to relate to others it was easier to be involved and interested in her speech. I really enjoyed how her speech was comedic yet was still inspirational and had a good message.