Dominic Lount

Dominic Lount

March 15, 2020

New safety measures implemented at Utica park

Dominic Lount, Reporter

June 10, 2019

In the spring of 2019, Grant Park received a mini renovation, something commonly done for the park. This renovation was not like the others though, as this was for no playground equipment, but for something benefiting the safety...

Utica students react to Super Bowl LIII/Halftime show

Dominic Lount, Reporter

February 18, 2019

Just like every year near the end of winter, the two NFL teams who survived the rigorous trials of the regular season and post-season squared off in the nationally televised Super Bowl game, the 53rd in history. On February 3rd,...

New athletic director in town

Dominic Lount, Reporter

June 8, 2018

After many years at the head of Chieftain athletics, the time has come. Current athletic director Jim Vigus will step down from his position after many years of hard work and leadership of Utica High School athletics. “I...

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