Why doesn’t it feel like Christmas?

Talia Cesario, Reporter

January 2, 2019

December is the beginning of the snowfall, the start of snow days, and, for some people, a month of festive celebration and anticipation. But let's address the elephant in the's mid-December and there hasn't even been...

Transgender rights.

Parker Hopkins, Editor

December 20, 2018

Certain topics, like how someone identifies, shouldn’t be subject to debate in class. That seems like common sense, right? You’d never debate a person’s race, religion, ethnicity, or any other aspect of their identity. So...

Reaching for my star

November 14, 2018

Be civil. You’re not convincing anyone with your arguing style.

Cameron Smale, Copy Editor

November 7, 2018

Remember when people used to have civil conversations until one person would say, “Hey, you have a point.” Oh, how I miss those simpler times. Nowadays, debating with someone is like long division; it’s completely pointless....

Applying to college

Madalyn Dishman, Editor-in-Chief

October 1, 2018

For some, choosing a college to attend is easy. They're simply following in their parents' or siblings' footsteps. Or, they have had a college in mind for as long as they can remember. I fall into none of these categories, and...

Arrow editors get inspired at Tedx Detroit

Madalyn Dishman, Evan Gray, Collin Fox, and Mackenzie Malone

September 27, 2018

TedX is a great experience for anyone with dreams and goals for their future. And as we left the Masonic Temple after listening to the presenters' inspiring speeches, we felt motivated and ready to finish out senior year strong. ...

Seniors make a splash with water wars

Arianna Palushaj, Reporter

June 7, 2018

A new tradition for Utica seniors, water wars forces its participants to “say goodbye to their freedom” as they watch their backs for incoming water. At stake is a massive jackpot for many teenagers - $360 to be split amongst...

Donnie Krall and Jack Wexler

May 17, 2018

Pro: Times have changed in modern America. From 9/11, our nation have been filled with fear from the relentless terrorist attacks on this country. Recently, we have had school shootings that have tragically taken innocent lives, of students and...

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