AP English packs up for Europe

Alexa Reynolds, Graphic Design Editor

June 11, 2018

In mid-July, AP English Language and Composition and AP English Literature students have gotten the opportunity to take a nine-day trip to Ireland and England. This trip is only available to juniors and seniors enrolled in an...

Christmas Break Plans

Alexa Reynolds, Guest Reporter

December 22, 2016

With eleven days away from the stress of school and piles upon piles of homework, there's a ton of time to do practically whatever a teen wants. Most students at Utica have plans with family and friends over break to celebrate...

Pseudo Santa

Alexa Reynolds, Guest Reporter

December 21, 2016

Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, and Kris Kringle. All different names of the beloved Santa Claus that delivers presents to every person on Earth, right? Wrong. Santa Claus is not real, but he was at one point in time. There...

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