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Student advisory board meets with principal, travels to MISD

Camryn Smith, Social Media

With the new year a quarter of the way done, principal Thomas Lietz wants the students get more involved with what is working, and what isn’t, for the school. He decided to make a Student Advisory Board (SAB). “I chose students who I thought would tell me the truth,” Lietz said. “I want to hear the voices and honest opinions about our school.” The purpose of...  Read More »

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Christmas Break Plans

Alexa Reynolds, Guest Reporter

With eleven days away from the stress of school and piles upon piles of homework, there's a ton of time to do practically whatever a teen wants. Most students at Utica have plans with family and friends over break to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. "After I open my presents at my house," sophomore Mackenzie Lema said, "I go to my grandma's house to open more presents...  Read More »

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Students donate canned food to Key Club

Students donate canned food to Key Club

Alexia Busch, Guest Reporter

For the past three years, teachers Joy Grieco and Courtney Struck have been sponsors of  the Key Club. Every year, they collect cans for the families who are having troubles...  Read More »

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DIY Christmas gifts

Nicole Mcmenomay, Reporter

With Christmas coming closer, many find themselves...  Read More »

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AVID is popping with popcorn sales

Kaci watt and Ethan Cartwright, Copy Editor and Editor in Chief

The unmistakable smell of popcorn filled the hallway,...  Read More »

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Music rings in the new holiday season

Kaci Watt, Copy Editor

Music is a key part of the holiday season. Christmas...  Read More »

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Midterm Exams Are Approaching

Hannah Piasecki, Guest Reporter

Midterms. That word alone can strike fear into the hearts of many students. With heaps of material to review and an abundance of information to recall from the very...  Read More »

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The student news site of Utica High School
The student news site of Utica High School